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Weight Loss Drug

You can buy any available weight loss drug online easily enough. And that's what has prompted me to write this. I wanted to make sure you had the whole kit'n'kaboodle of information so you could make an informed decision. And if you still decide diet pills are right for you, you can use them in a more positive way - to increase the chance of long term benefits.

The articles cover the effect of weight loss drugs on the body, fat blockers, why quick fix weight loss drugs and diets don't work, and a different approach to weight loss.

Why Dieting can fail you
Looking at all your options before you buy your weight loss drug online, you might want to weigh up how you feel about these issues:


is super skinny your biologically natural state?
is it reasonable to expect to burn fat whilst you sleep? (And still eat chocolate biscuits all day?)
can you keep jumping from one quick fix to another, which at best do nothing to help the problem and waste our money. Or at worst, succeed in the short term, but do so by robbing your body's other systems nutritionally, and make our long term health prospects that little bit dimmer. A bit like borrowing from Mary to pay Sue.

Self Image

Emotional issues are at the core of many poor diet habits - issues with overeating, undereating, and eating the wrong foods. Its much easier to jump onto a different weight loss drug online than to look within at what drives us to do certain things. Will weight loss drug online purchases address your core issues?

Why do we want to change our body shape anyway? Is it to be healthy, or to get approval? If we're looking for approval or validation outside of ourselves, chances are we're witholding approval from ourselves in the first place. If that's the case, we're giving ourselves (and probably others) conditional love. That affects all areas of our life, and weight issues are just a symptom. It comes down to a choice of whether you want to use a band aid over a gaping wound, or treat the cause.

Your chosen diet may not be suitable for your lifestyle, age, or health (particularly if you have blood sugar problems and your diet includes foods with a high glycemic index, or there is a long time between meals)
may not be a particularly healthy diet, even though it has short term results. Certain foods can precipitate cravings, and some diets are unbalanced. If our body's not getting its nutrients , it will send us signals to tell us that.

So, what do popular weight loss drug purchases really do to your body?
Weight loss drug online buys are generally divided into two types - appetite suppressants and fat blockers.

Appetite Suppressants

some are close to an amphetamine chemical structure
In the US - Ionamin, Fastin, Adipex-P, tenuate, zantryl.
Outside the US - Duromine, Linyl, Minobese, Mirapront, Normaform, Obenix, Oby-Cap, Oby-Trim, Panbesy Nyscaps, Umine.
That's the same class of drugs sold on the streets as uppers, like cocaine.
the problem for a lot of people is their food choice. Appetite plays a part in that they eat too much of the wrong food. But by changing your eating habits and doing the right kinds of exercise (walking, light weights), you'll begin to make a difference to your body size. That retraining is not addressed by weight loss drug online pills.

What increases your appetite? Stress? Inactivity? Boredom? Other emotional triggers? Undernourishment from eating too much junk food? How does an appetite suppressing weight loss drug online pill fix this?

Side effects of popular appetite suppressants include:

  • Blurred vision,
  • increased blood pressure,
  • chest pain,
  • heart palpitations,
  • swelling of the legs dizziness,
  • dry mouth,
  • sleeplessness,
  • irritability,
  • stomach upset or constipation.

Information about specific Diet Pill:


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