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The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet is a special "Miracle Juice" that has been scientifically formulated, so that in just 48 hours you will cleanse your body and lose up to 10 pounds! The Hollywood Diet was created to give your internal body a "vacation" by washing away unhealthy toxins and fat, and giving your digestive system a much needed break. The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet is 100% natural and is a special blend of essential fruits, vitamins minerals, antioxidants and essential oils.

If you've tried pills, prayers and every diet gimmick in the books, why not give yourself "48 hours" to REALLY lose some serious weight, Lose Unwanted Fat.... UP TO 10 POUNDS? You CAN Loose 10 Pounds this Weekend... if you have the desire, and follow these simple directions.

Directions: Before use, shake well. Mix 4 ounces of water with 4 ounces of juice. Over the next 4 hours, sip. During the first day repeat this process an additional three times. On the second day repeat process. Every time you drink 4 ounces of The Star Diet, drink 8 ounces of water. Refrigerate The Star Diet after opening.

Ingredients and nutrition: Purified water, fructose, pineapple juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, artificial flavors, apple juice concentrate, prune juice concentrate, white grape juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, xantham gum, potassium citrate, bilberry extract, green tea extract, gingko biloba extract, grapeseed extract, ascorbic acid.

Important: Do not consume caffeine, alcohol, or food while on The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet. Do not smoke. Persons in poor health, diabetic, women pregnant or lactating should not use The Hollywood 48 hour miracle Diet. Before using The Hollywood 48 hour liquid Diet it is recommended to consult your physician. As with all diets individual results may vary.

Independent Testing: When independently Doctor tested, this remarkable Hollywood Miracle Diet produced impressive results. A test involving 27 volunteers, both men and women ranging in age from 18-67 years old, revealed that the participants on average lost 4.5% of their body weight and lost a significant amount of fat. The report also found that " Each participant lost a significant amount of weight. The weight loss ranged from 4.5 pounds to 16.5 pounds . All participants were very happy with their individual weight loss...and expressed their desire to use the Diet again on a regular basis.

Spa Usage: The Hollywood Miracle weight loss program was born out of a dream on a trip to Europe. Jamie Kabler, the inventor of the Diet, discovered that people were spending thousands of dollars to attend health spas in order to cleanse, rejuvenate and detoxify their bodies. The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet was created to fulfill a dream of making the world healthier. Now the benefits from attending an expensive "European Health Spa" are available to everyone. The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet is a "health spa in a bottle" that everyone can afford and can do anytime they want to.

The Hollywood Liquid Diet is recommended for those who want to cleanse and lose weight on a fasting diet, up to 10 lbs in 48 hours - and may be repeated on semi weekly basis. Each bottle makes 64 fl. oz. of diet drink.

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