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Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Herb
Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is a small tree found in Malaysia and Indonesia that is used as a relief for a variety of ailments. In Southeast Asia it is used as a post partum medication, as well as for its antimalarial, antipyretic, antiulcer, cytotoxic and aphrodisiac properties.

Locals in Southeast Asia are convinced that it can improve desire and sexual initiation. Currently, it is being researched for its possibilities as an anti-cancer supplement.

However, due to overharvesting of the tree, Indonesia is the only country in the world where Tongkat Ali still thrives in the wild. While once common in Malaysia, it's popularity - on par with truffles in France - doomed the plant to federal protection. Commercial Tongkat Ali found in Malaysia is grown on plantations.

Nearly all of "Malaysian" Tongkat Ali sold in Malaysia originates from Indonesia. The Indonesian govererment's current policy on its forests is to protect them; thus, it may be difficult to find wild Tongkat Ali in the future anywhere.

Unlike Tribulus Terrestis, which can be cultivated as easily as Tomatoes in nearly any soil in a few weeks, Tongkat Ali does not reach maturity for
Tongkat Ali Herb
25 years or more. Younger trees are not nearly as effective compared to that of mature trees.

Moreover, cultivation of Tongkat Ali is on par with cultivation of orchids, something not easily attainable. The tree requires sandy, well-drained soil. However, Tongkat Ali also needs fresh water several times a week. It also requires an environment of partial shade to thrive. The trees natural habitat is on tropical rain forest slopes - which are naturally well-drained - where the sun is filtered by the canopy overhead.

Even in Malaysia, where Tonkgat Ali originated, Tongkat Ali is prohibitively expensive. Thus, herbal marketers lace the Tonkgat Ali with fillers such as Sildenafil.(New Straits Times, April 10, 2004)

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