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Snakeroot (Ageratina)
Snakeroot Herb
is a genus of about 290 annual herbs and rounded shrubs from the Sunflower family (Asteraceae).

These plants grow mainly in the warmer regions of America. A few occur in the cooler regions of eastern United States. Two Mexican species have become a pest in parts of Australia. These plants used to belong to the genus Eupatorium, but have been split off.

The inflorescence consists of many fluffy red or pinkish-white capitula in clusters. These lack the typical ray flowers of the composites.

There are many, much-branched woody stems. The leaves are triangular, serrate and opposite. The petioles are rather long. The leaves are fragrant with a rather nasty musky scent.

Ageratina adenophora :Sticky Snakeroot, Thoroughwort, Crofton Weed, Mexican Devil, Dog Fennel., Mexican Devil
Ageratina altissima : White Snakeroot.
Ageratina aromatica : Lesser Snakeroot.
Ageratina havanensis : Havana Snakeroot, Mistflower, Shrubby Boneset, White Mistflower
Ageratina herbacea : Fragrant Snakeroot, Herbaceous Joepieweed.
Ageratina heterophylla : Milk weed
Ageratina jucunda : Hammock Snakeroot.
Ageratina lemmonii : Lemmon's Snakeroot.
Ageratina luciae brauniae : Lucy Braun's Snakeroot.
Ageratina occidentalis : Western Snakeroot, boneset, Western Eupatorium, Western Joepiweed
Ageratina paupercula : Santa Rita Snakeroot
Ageratina pseudochilca
Ageratina resiniflua : Resinous Snakeroot.
Ageratina riparia : Spreading Snakeroot, Spreading Mistflower, Creeping Croftonweed
Ageratina rothrockii : Rothrock's Snakeroot .
Ageratina shastensis : Shasta Snakeroot., : Shasta Eupatorium
Ageratina wrightii : Wright's Snakeroot
Sticky Snakeroot (Ageratina adenophora)Ageratina amblyolepis, Ageratina areolaris, Ageratina atrocordata, Ageratina beamanii, Ageratina bellidifolia, Ageratina blepharilepis, Ageratina brandegeana, Ageratina brevipes, Ageratina calaminthifolia, Ageratina calophylla, Ageratina campylocladia, Ageratina capillipes, Ageratina cardiophylla, Ageratina cerifera, Ageratina chazaroana, Ageratina chiapensis, Ageratina choricephala, Ageratina collodes, Ageratina conspicua, Ageratina crassiramea, Ageratina cremastra, Ageratina cronquistii, Ageratina cylindrica, Ageratina deltoidea, Ageratina dolichobasis, Ageratina enixa, Ageratina espinosarum, Ageratina etlensis, Ageratina flourensifolia, Ageratina geminata, Ageratina gentryana, Ageratina glabrata, Ageratina glauca, Ageratina glischra, Ageratina gonzalezorum, Ageratina grashoffii, Ageratina gypsophila, Ageratina halbertiana, Ageratina helenae, Ageratina henzium, Ageratina hyssopina, Ageratina irrasa, Ageratina isolepis, Ageratina jaliscensis, Ageratina jalpana, Ageratina jolotepecana, Ageratina josepaneroi, Ageratina kochiana, Ageratina lasia, Ageratina lasioneura, Ageratina leiocarpa, Ageratina leptodictyon, Ageratina liebmannii, Ageratina ligustrina, Ageratina lucida, Ageratina macdonaldii, Ageratina macvaughii, Ageratina mairetiana, Ageratina malacolepis, Ageratina manantlana, Ageratina miahuatlana, Ageratina moorei, Ageratina muelleri, Ageratina neohintonorium, Ageratina nesomii, Ageratina oaxacana, Ageratina oligocephala, Ageratina oreithales, Ageratina ovilla, Ageratina palmeri, Ageratina parayana, Ageratina pazcuarensis, Ageratina pendula, Ageratina pelotropha, Ageratina petiolaris, Ageratina photina, Ageratina pichinchensis, Ageratina potosina, Ageratina pringlei, Ageratina prunellifolia, Ageratina queretaroana, Ageratina ramireziorum, Ageratina ramonensis, Ageratina rhomboidea, Ageratina robinsoniana, Ageratina rubicaulis, Ageratina salicifolia, Ageratina saltillensis, Ageratina sandersii, Ageratina scordonioides, Ageratina sousae, Ageratina stricta, Ageratina sundbergii, Ageratina thyrsiflora, Ageratina tomentella, Ageratina triangulata, Ageratina triniona, Ageratina venulosa, Ageratina vernalis, Ageratina viburnoides, Ageratina viejoana, Ageratina viscosissima, Ageratina warnockii, Ageratina yecorana, Ageratina zunilana

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