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Effect of
Sambucol Herb
Sambucol on several strains of Influenza virus.
Sambucol, a standardized extract, is a preparation based on the berries of the Black Elder, used as herbal remedy for influenza virus infections. It contains a potent antiviral compound, AntiVirin as well as a high amount of three flavonoids (Bronnum-Hansen and Hansen, 1983). The flavonoids are naturally occurring plant antioxidants.

Laboratory tests:
Sambucol was shown to reduce hemagglutination and inhibited replication of human influenza virus type A, type B and animal strains from swine and turkeys in cell cultures.

Can Sambucol be used on an on-going basis?

You can use Sambucol on an on-going basis. For intensive use we would recommend 2 teaspoonfuls or 2 lozenges four times daily (for adults), and then for maintenance two teaspoon/lozenge a day. Children can also be given Sambucol on an ongoing basis.

Does Sambucol aid the immune system?

In laboratory tests Sambucol was shown to enhance the production of cytokines, a major indicator for an active immune system.

What is the proper dosage of black elderberry extract for an infant of 6 months?

Consult a doctor prior to giving Sambucol to any children under 1 year of age. The proper dosage of Sambucol for an infant of 6 months is 2 teaspoons daily for flu treatment. For daily use we recommend 1/2 teaspoon.

Can Sambucol for Kids be mixed in water or juice? Or is it best to drink it straight?

You can dilute Sambucol for Kids in water.

Are there any other plants sources of the Sambucol active copmonent?

The active component in Sambucol is part of the elderberry plant and is not commercially available in other products. This is what makes Sambucol unique compared to other elderberry products.

How should Sambucol be stored?

Our experience shows that the bottle can stand at room temperature for three years or more,

without reduction in activity. After opening the bottle we do recommend keeping the bottle in the refrigerator.

Should I abstain from milk when taking Sambucol?

Some people have stomach sensitivity, which may be aggravated by eating fruit or fruit-based products in conjunction with dairy
Sambucol Herb
products. If you experience any stomach sensitivity, it is advisable not to take Sambucol within half an hour before or after eating dairy products.

How is Sambucol classified?

As a dietary supplement.

How is Sambucol manufactured?

Under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

Does Sambucol have MSG in it?

There is no MSG in any of the Sambucol products.

Can persons who must control their blood sugar use Sambucol?

Yes. Sambucol D and both versions of Sambucol lozenges are suitable for persons who must control their blood sugar.

Can someone with Celiac disease use Sambucol?

Sambucol Products have been tested by a Ministry of Health certified laboratory. Results conclude that the products are gluten free according to the standards (less than 10 ppm).

Can Sambucol be taken on an empty stomach, if I have a gastric ulcer?

If you have a gastric ulcer, to avoid potential irritation we recommend not taking Sambucol on an empty stomach.

Is Sambucol Kosher?

Yes, by supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Jerusalem, Israel.

Is Sambucol Kosher for Passover?


Does Sambucol Contain any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?


Does Sambucol Contain any animal matter?

No, Sambucol does not contain any animal matter (therefore there is no risk of contracting Mad Cow Disease by using the product).

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