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How Relora
Relora Herb
Can Help You:

Shown to help 78% of adults feel more relaxed, and it promotes restful sleep as well.

Useful in controlling weight loss by fighting the nervous eating that affects so many people under stress.

Cheaper alternative to Cortislim for controlling cortisol levels.

Patented proprietary blend of standardized extracts of magnolia officialis and phellodendron amurense.

Each capsule contains 250 mg of Relora.

History and Use of Relora:

You have no doubt heard about the link between the stress hormone cortisol and weight loss. Excess stress, may lead to high cortisol levels that stimulate your appetite, with the end result being weight gain or difficulty losing unwanted pounds. Recently cortisol control supplements such as Cortislim and Relacore have gained popularity due to intense media marketing campaigns. Relora is a much cheaper, yet effective alternative to these popular diet pills that has been proven to reduce cortisol levels.

Relora is a natural proprietary blend of a patented extract of Magnolia officinalis and a patentpending extract from Phellodendron amurense. Relora was developed as an ingredient for dietary supplements and functional foods that could be used in stress management and for stressrelated appetite control. This patented blend of plant extracts is the result of screening more than fifty plant fractions from traditional plant medicines used around the world.

Human Fat/StressRelated Hormone Trial Results

37% Cortisol Reduction (P = 0.01)
227% DHEA Increase (P = 0.003)
Human Open Trial Results

8 out of 10 people felt more relaxed.
7 out of 10 people enjoyed more restful sleep.
7 out of 10 people reduced stressrelated snacking of sweets.
9 out of 10 people said it was gentle the stomach.
Relora is a natural stress management ingredient that helps control stressrelated eating and has the added value of being nonsedating. In central nervous system receptor binding assays the plant extracts in Relora binds to several important targets associated with stress. It does not bind to the benzodiazepine receptors that would cause sedation, yet has the relaxing qualities that have been demonstrated in both animal and human studies. In addition, it normalizes hormone levels associated with stressinduced weight gain and eating behavior. Stress has been shown to play a significant role in a variety of conditions. A large percentage of overweight adults have excessive abdominal fat due to stressrelated over eating. Relora can maintain healthy cortisol and DHEA levels in stressed individuals and act as an aid in controlling weight and stressrelated eating. If you are looking for natural supplement to help you control hunger and maintain low cortisol levels, then Relora is the perfect supplement for you. Relora has been shown in clinical studies to be safe with little or no side effects

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