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Damiana (Turnera
Damiana Herb
diffusa, syn. Turnera aphrodisiaca) is a shrub native to Central and South America. It belongs to the family Turneraceae.

Blooming with small yellow flowers, the shrub has an odor somewhat like chamomile, which is due to an oil present in the plant. The leaves have traditionally been made into a tea which was used by native people of Central and South America for its reputed aphrodisiac effects.

In herbal medicine, damiana is used to treat conditions ranging from coughs, to constipation, to depression. The leaves of damiana are sometimes smoked for relaxation and for its very mild psychoactive properties, described as somewhat similar to those of cannabis, however, the effects are a lot more mental than physical and movement is not severely impaired. Thinking remains the same, however,
Damiana Herb
the smoker feels relaxed and mildly stoned. Also, a traditional Mexican liqueur, sometimes used in margaritas is made from this herb - indeed, some claim that damiana liqueur was used in the original margarita.

Damiana is also a European name. In the country of Bulgaria it is simply a female version of Damian. In Greece the name Damiana refers to a person who is tame and subdued. Plus, the name Damiana is somewhat common in Latino/Spanish locations.

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