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Butterbur Herb
commonly referred to as Butterbur are found in the daisy family Asteraceae in the genus Petasites. They are mostly quite robust plants with thick, creeping underground rhizomes and large Rhubarb-like leaves during the growing season.

The short spikes of flowers are produced just before these leaves in Spring, emerging with only a few elongated basal bracts and are usually green, flesh coloured or dull white depending on species.

Petasites is very closely related to the genus Tussilago (Coltsfoot), and also related to the huge genus Senecio.

Selected species
Butterbur Herb
albus White Butterbur
Petasites amplus
Petasites doerfleri
Petasites formosanus
Petasites fragrans Winter Heliotrope
Petasites frigidus (syn. P. speciosa) Arctic Butterbur or Arctic Sweet Coltsfoot
Petasites hybridus Common Butterbur
Petasites japonicus Giant Butterbur
Petasites kablikianus
Petasites paradoxus
Petasites radiatus
Petasites sagittatus
Petasites sibiricus
Petasites spurius
Petasites tatewakianus
Petasites tricholobus
Petasites x vitifolius

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