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Boldo (Peumus
Boldo Herb
boldus Molina) is a plant native to the coastal region of Chile. Its leaves, which have a strong woody aroma, are used for culinary purposes, primarily in Latin America. The leaves are used in a similar manner to bay leaves.

The leaves are also used as an herbal tea, primarily in Chile and Argentina but also in other Spanish-speaking nations, and Brazil. They are used as a form of herbal medicine, particularly to support the gallbladder, but also to calm upset stomachs. In Brazil, many families keep a Boldo plant
Boldo Herb
at home for this purpose, although Boldo teabags are readily available in nearly all supermarkets.

Boldo is in the family Monimiaceae, which is closely related to the family Lauraceae (which includes many other plants used for their aromatic leaves, such as cinnamon, cassia, and bay leaf.

Boldo has also been introduced to Europe and North Africa.

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