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Evolution Diet

The Evolution Diet is a diet devised by Joseph Stephen Breese Morse from 2002-2005. It involves eating "what and how we were designed to eat." The main principles are:

snack on low-sugar, high-dietary fiber foods in small quantities often throughout the day
eat healthy high-energy foods only before and during exercise
eat high-protein foods after exercise and before rest
Benefits are said to include getting to and maintaining one's ideal weight, consistently good sleep, balanced energy, more motivation. The Evolution Diet is also a book, published in 2005. The book stresses the importance of natural human physiology and bases the diet on how a prehistorically indigenous human would eat. The eating plan has similarities with the Paleolithic diet and Natural Foods Diet, however the Evolution Diet stresses when to eat certain foods, not just what foods to eat. Also The Evolution Diet allows for modern foods that have similar properties to natural foods, not just foods that were available before agriculture.

Foods encouraged in the diet
This is a short list of some of the foods encouraged by the Evolution Diet. Out of the three categories of foods, LoS Hi-Fi and high-protein foods should make up the most of our diet. The energy index and protein index are values derived from two specifically developed equations. Negative values are in parentheses.

CategoryFoodEnergy IndexProtein Index
LoS Hi-Fiwhole wheat crackers3(1.684)
LoS Hi-Fiblack beans(0.354)2.541
LoS Hi-Fibroccoli0.81.03
LoS Hi-FiGreek Salad with Feta1.1611.433
LoS Hi-Fipita bread2.59(1.226)
LoS Hi-Fioatmeal with brown sugar4.062(3.268)
LoS Hi-Fiapple4.392(4.291)
High Proteintuna1.83528.047
High Proteinchicken meat only1.927.029
High Proteinsalmon1.83924.788
High Proteincheese mozarella2.66720.19
High Proteineggs1.7829.897
High Proteintofu1.1859.870
High Proteinedamame0.1285.73

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