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Beverly Hills Diet

Beverly Hills Diet Diet
The Beverly Hills Diet was a diet book originally published in 1981 by Judy Mazel. It has since been revised, and re-released as the New Beverly Hills Diet.
The diet is based on a theory that the body needs the enzymes found in certain foods in order to digest the food properly. The author believes that when food isn't digested, it turns to body fat. A strange belief because the body cannot metabolize the food until it has first been digested!

The Beverly Hills Diet Plan
The diet is based on a food combining principle (called conscious-combining). The main food group of the diet is fruit, but the diet has vegetable-only days, fruit-only days, and other days when some starchy carbohydrate is allowed.

8oz prunes

Unlimited strawberries

Baked potato

Water, coffee, or tea.

Diet Summary
This diet is dangerously low in daily calories (about 800), and also low in proteins, and many many other nutrients. The theory behind is completely unproven, and fantastical. The promised weight loss is 15 pounds in 35 days.

It would be very difficult to sustain such a diet without become deficient in certain nutrients, or simply putting the weight back on after the diet.

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