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Bernstein Diet Diet
Dr. Bernstein diet programis 100% medically supervised. The only people who treat you at the Bernstein clinics are doctors and registered nursing personnel. We routinely perform treatments that others are not qualified to do. Treatments such as prescribing and administering medications and blood tests are performed right on site.

Our doctors also work with patients who suffer from a wide spectrum of additional weight-related problems. It is perfectly safe and effective for people with diabetes, osteo arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure and other cardio-vascular conditions. Dr Bernstein Weight Loss Clinics has built a reputation on getting dramatic results in a short period of time and charging much less for it. We are known to be courteous, friendly, extremely supportive and steadfastly dedicated to understanding our patients' needs. After you reach your target weight, the Bernstein clinics will teach you how to stay there with a proactive Maintenance Program.

The Dr Bernstein diet works because we can stimulate the body to break down fat faster than normal - thus releasing stored energy and food value. Combine that with a well-balanced controlled food intake and you get more than adequate nutrition without hunger. We require you to come in at least 3 times a week to be monitored by nurses and doctors who check your progress and health. There's no guesswork involved.

The Dr. Bernstein weight loss program involves a unique combination of low calorie diet (regular grocery store foods), behaviour modification, education and vitamin and mineral supplements. Most importantly, the Dr. Bernstein weight loss regimen ensure that you lose only fatty tissue. Unlike other diets - you will never lose essential muscle tissue, vital proteins, electrolytes and bodily fluids. Our patients lose fat tissue that has mainly been stored in such problem areas as the waist, hips and thighs. Another pleasant benefit of note is the quality of your skin tone. As you slim down, your skin will maintain a normal, healthy appearance - not gaunt, sallow or saggy.

The most dramatic feature of his program is the speed of weight loss. For example, taking off 80 pounds on a traditional low calorie diet usually takes at least a year. But only 3% who try ever actually succeed - most people give up before that year lapses. On the Bernstein Diet you have a far, far greater expectation of success - and can easily lose 80 pounds in 4 - 5 months. That's a typical result and without exercise. Rest assured that we use no diet pills, appetite suppressants or any unproven or risky procedures. On the first day of The Bernstein Clinics Diet, you should already feel good about starting the program, and in a week or two you're going to start feeling absolutely great.

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